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General Provisions

1. Constitution

The Foreign Investors Council (hereinafter "the Council"), is constituted at a Constituent Assembly held on March 18, 1997 in Bucharest, Romania. This Statute shall be an integral part of the records of the Constituent Assembly.

2. Status
2.1 The Council is a not-for-profit association established in accordance with the Laws of Romania, with unlimited duration.
2.2 The Council is a legal person independent of its members. It is liable for its obligations to the extent of its assets.
2.3 The members of the Council are not responsible for the Council's obligations or liabilities.

3. Name
3.1 The name of the association shall be "The Foreign Investors Council."
3.2 The name of the Council, its emblem (logo), the address of its head office, telephone and facsimile numbers shall be printed on all documents of the Council.

4. Headquarters
The principal office of the Council shall be in Bucharest, Romania, at the address listed in Appendix A attached hereto.

5. Purposes of the Council
The Council has as its purpose:
a. to promote communication, cooperation and an ongoing dialogue between the Council and the authorities in Romania;
b. to represent, express and advance the shared opinions of its members to promote a common interest;
c. to cooperate with the authorities in Romania, in overcoming difficulties and obstacles which may exist in relations with foreign investors and in economic relations with other countries;
d. to promote the interests of the international business community in Romania;
e. to inform its members and other interested persons to the extent possible regarding the investment climate in general in Romania.

6. Activities of the Council
6.1 To attain its purposes the Council shall:
  a. disseminate business and other related information which may be beneficial to its members;
  b. submit recommendations on draft laws or other legislative or regulatory documents which may relate to the purposes of the Council;
  c. keep a register of its members and issue membership lists to interested persons;
  d. organize meetings, symposia, seminars, courses, etc.;
  e. take part in or collaborate with international organizations with similar purposes and activities;
  f. organize editing, printing and distribution of any periodicals, books and leaflets which the Council may consider necessary for the fulfillment of its purposes;
  g. raise and make use of funds and manage such funds in pursuance of its purposes;
   h. take any other permanent or occasional actions which may be useful for the purposes of the Council.
6.2 In order to fulfill its purposes and finance its activities, the Council may carry out any type of transaction in Romania and may undertake obligations in compliance with all applicable laws, this Statute and the decisions of the General Assembly of the Council.
6.3 The Council may set up foundations, be a founder and become a member of other not-for-profit organizations in the country and abroad.
6.4 The property and the income of the Council's activities shall be used solely in pursuing the objectives as described herein and no part thereof shall be paid, directly or indirectly, as a dividend or profit to the members of the Council.


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