“Back to Work” Platform

The coronavirus outbreak disrupted the traditional way of working and forced a new thinking about the workspace and its functions.

After two months of state of emergency when the Romanian economy was in lockdown with many limitations being imposed at the companies’ level, starting with the 15th of May (the date when the state of alert entered into force), new recommendations and measures for the health and safety of employees and for the set-up of the working areas were made public.

By the same token, after the end of the state of alert, we believe that it is likely that for a longer period of time, measures designed to ensure the safety of employees at work will be maintained.

What is the “Back to work” platform?

Various policies and best practices will be needed for an orderly and safe return of employees to work.

In these circumstances, the FIC Board decided the creation of the “Back to work Platform”, where FIC is making available a pool of ideas and measures gathered from its member-companies on the topic.

Therefore, considering particularities and different procedures in each company/industry/domain, FIC has collected the best practices (including guidelines, protocols, initiatives) on measures dedicated to restart the activity from its members.

How is this information useful?

We are aware that designing back to work policies involve additional resources and well-thought protocols. In this case, having access to what solutions fellow companies found to respond to the new conditions could make things easier. Therefore, these resources could serve as a starting point or ideas for the elaboration of other companies’ own internal protocols.

Given the large representation of our members in the economy’s sectors, we believe the following database represents a good reflection of the measures that will be implemented by companies in order to secure an appropriate setting for coming back to work.

Our platform combines both recommendations proposed by Romanian public authorities and international, European and national ones and specific measures implemented by FIC companies.

How can you use this information?

FIC wanted to offer its member-companies and the business environment at large, a tool for easing up the process of finding the best solutions for returning to the workplace.

Courtesy of some of our members who shared their approach on this topic, the documents are available for consultation and as source of examples of policies and measures that are currently being adopted and implemented by the private sector.

The platform will remain open for contributions to everyone interested in sharing their experience on this topic. As such, FIC will continue to receive documents with best practices/guidelines from members and make them available on this platform. We will also regularly update the recommendations made by the Romanian authorities, as well as those made by the international institutions.

Legislation & Recommendations

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