"Investors look into the future, understanding that sound education is the key to it and they are involved in training young people through training programs, giving them opportunities to experiment and to learn fundamental skills for competitiveness in the labor market. Where investors are present, we observe an increase in living standards and, consequently, more development opportunities. In the long run, I am confident that all these advantages will be seen in the advancement of our country towards the status of a developed economy. "

"Investments allowed to sustainably create national telco infrastructure, as well as jobs, in this way significantly contributing to the economic development of the country. The technological developments also improved the quality of life as connectivity reshaped the consumer behaviour, brought in new ways to communicate, to entertain, to work better, faster and more efficient. Businesses can leverage this huge potential of connectivity in Romania, as well as the high skilled IT labour force, one of the distinctive traits of the country. We are committed to continue innovating in areas such as networks of the future, smart cities and e-public services and also explore new opportunities, as we see the potential of the digital economy unfolding.”

"Profits generated by FDI contribute to corporate tax revenues in the host country. At the same time, additional taxes are generated for the state budget from employment or indirect taxes. FDI has also proved to be resilient during financial crises because they are thought to be bolted down and cannot leave so easily at the first sign of trouble. In the global competition for FDIs Romania must redouble its efforts to ensure a more transparent regulatory system and more stable, improved law enforcement, to accelerate public administration reform, fight against corruption more efficiently. Developing infrastructure of any kind represents an important condition to attract foreign capital."

"FDI were, are and will still be major contributors to Romania’s economic growth as well as providers of know-how and new technologies. In the future, foreign investors will, even more than today, have a responsibility to further support the transition of Romania to a higher added value economy, working hand in hand with the country’s authorities, its talented entrepreneurs and its well-trained workforce. Existing foreign investors have developed many Romanian companies, will be at the heart of numerous new investments and are, with their success stories, Romania’s best ambassadors to keep attracting new investors and help the country become Europe’s place to be!"

"Complex projects with high upside, such as the Black Sea projects, which require many resources in terms of workforce and capital expenditure, are in my opinion the way forward, as this high level of ambition is what’s necessary by investors and the Romanian authorities in order to make a lasting impact and contribution to this country and its citizens."

"Foreign direct investment is preferable to other sources of capital, because it does not generate external debt, it finances the current account deficit, generating the balance of the foreign exchange market. Beyond the initial macroeconomic momentum, foreign investment has a positive impact on economic growth, improving the total productivity of factors of production and, more generally, the efficiency of resource use in the economy."

"Foreign direct investments reflect the attractiveness of the Romanian business environment, show the degree of economic development of the country, stimulate domestic investments, contribute to increasing state revenues and people's development; in short, they improve the standard of living. Last year, FDI amounted to 5.3 billion euros, reaching the highest level since the crisis of 2008 when, on the wave of accession to the European Union, Romania managed to attract 9.5 billion euros. In the first seven months of this year, foreign direct investment fell by 60%. Although we are going through a period of global uncertainty, investors will always look for new opportunities. It is up to us, through what we do every day, to prove that Romania is still an attractive environment for them."

"In order to increase and/or retain foreign investment, Romania shall implement a long-term vision and investment policy shall not choose between foreign and domestic investment. We need policies to connect them both; building strong linkages with domestic businesses is the key to success."

"The current economic and social context, characterized by the need to overcome the economic and social consequences of pandemic on an unprecedented scale on the backdrop of ever more evident effects of the integration of new technologies in all relevant aspects of life, can cast some light on some not as visible in public speech benefits FDIs bring to Romania.  At this point, investments in new technologies and R&D, alongside the development of new skills for the workforce and professionals appear to be the prerequisite for not only successfully navigating the current crisis, but also preparing the country for the not so distant future. However, this kind of investments do not come cheap. That is especially important as one should expect the budgetary and financial resources at the disposal at central and local authorities to be put under increased pressure to cover basic needs of the state and its citizens."

"Through FIC's various task forces, significant improvements have been agreed and implemented in new legislation with positive impact on the business climate in Romania, leading to more FDI inflows, jobs, increased competitiveness, and to an improved and more stable market for doing business. As the path to economic development lies in the transparent dialogue between the business community and authorities, FIC has effectively proven to be an instrumental organization and managed thus to achieve this goal. It is important to underline that not only the business community has benefited from these improvements, but of each and every Romanian citizen, as investment is the engine of each prosperous society, increasing the quality of life for individuals. This is our aspiration and inspiration, as well."


"Foreign investments are one of the basic elements that have developed and advanced Romania's economy in recent years. The multiplier effect of investments is seen in the development of domestic capital, in the use of modern technologies, in investments for job creation, for continuous training and employee development, all of which equally contribute to the support of the state budget."

"In this period of new challenges at a global level, we are continuously working on creating a better environment for foreign investments in Romania and one of our most important activities is building relationships based on dialogue and transparency with the authorities, through constant public consultations; this represent an important starting point to be used in developing public policies to stimulate both the continued investment of companies already present in Romania, but also attracting potential foreign direct investment in Romania.”

"The current context has shown that the active involvement of all members of society is one of the main factors for sustainable development. Romania has an important potential in the production of electricity from renewable sources, a pillar of long-term sustainable development. Investments in the energy sector must be seen as part of Romania's development process, in line with the objectives of the EU Green Deal, to rethink clean energy policies and the sustainable use of resources."

"It is enough to travel the country and notice that where there is an investment, there is also the development of infrastructure, more and more jobs appear, the economic activity of other local companies is stimulated. Moreover, they come with a flow of technology and knowledge, and all this has direct effects in increasing the quality of life of the citizens. So, if we want to have economic growth based on healthy sources, we need to take care of attracting foreign and domestic investment. And how do we do it? Building trust, because trust is the key factor that can provide a solid foundation for the economy to grow to its full potential."

"Orange is one of the main investors in Romania, a status that comes with satisfactions and also great responsibilities. Over the last two decades, we were consistent in building up the performant telco infrastructure of the country, a true backbone for the digital economy. The network investments were a prerequisite for service quality and customer trust. That’s why a significant part of the € 3.5 billion invested by Orange over the past 23 years went in networks."

"In general, FDI allows the transfer of technology and know-how that cannot be achieved through financial investments or trade in goods and services and can promote competition in the domestic market. Recipients of FDI often gain employee training in the course of operating the new businesses and standards of living are improving."

"Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) have been a key driver of the modernization of Romania’s economy in the last thirty years. Like many countries that did not experience market economy for a number of decades, Romania appealed to FDIs to help accelerate its transformation and pave the way for a steady convergence towards Western economies."

"For the last 30 years, foreign investors present in Romania have proved material contribution to overall national economic growth by creating a significant number of jobs; bringing capital, know-how and technologies; creating opportunities for local companies and not least, promoting best practices to support reforms, strategies and corresponding policies to ensure that FDI is helping advance Romania."

“FDI is primarily a long-term strategy and commitment to the country. Being a significant catalyser to development, it plays a major role in improving the quality of life of the Romanian people. FDI translates directly into jobs for the Romanian citizens, major contributions to the state budget, exports and development of horizontal and vertical economy. The macroeconomic landscape of Romania gets more solid with every investment project that is brought in the country by foreign investors."

"During these times, Romania stands to benefit from all forms of investments, be they domestic, foreign or both at the same time. I believe that any direct contribution by investors, monetary and also technical expertise, can lead to a fast and sustainable recovery of the Romanian economy. In this context, the energy sector, and the gas sector in particular, can serve as a great vehicle for such investments, while also supporting Romania’s energy transition."

"FDI has a crucial role for long-term capital inflow, for introducing new technologies, managerial know-how and skills. International investments have a relevant positive impact on the country's economic growth and local communities and are key for an open economy. The FIC is an efficient organization for sharing ideas within the international business community, authorities, and for communicating the strengths of Romania to the larger international investment audience."

“Foreign investments have played a fundamental role in Romania's European destiny and in the transition to a sophisticated and developed economy, able to ensure the well-being of as many citizens as possible. Sodexo has been operating in Romania since 1998 and in all these years, we can say that these investments and businesses had an essential contribution to the modernization of the Romanian economy and its integration into the European one."

"Foreign investment is the engine of economic development and modernization, of increasing incomes and jobs, especially for emerging economies such as Romania. There is a direct correlation between the level of foreign direct investment and GDP, investments being the main factor stimulating economic growth."

“Companies should have in their DNA, along with maximizing profit, also serving community with technologies and products and, most of all, with the employment practices. It is crucial that we focus on investing in education of new generation of specialists in Romania. They are the fuel of the economic growth and will continue to bring value to our society in many ways. I believe in technology with a human touch.”

“Foreign investment is the engine of economic development and modernization, of increasing incomes and jobs, especially for emerging economies such as Romania. There is a direct correlation between the level of foreign direct investment and GDP, investments being the main factor stimulating economic growth.”

“Foreign investments are not just mere money. They come with know-how and expertise, with plans, strategies, in a single word, with development. They also come with something more, equally important: trust. Shifting focus from business to trust, what investors need, along with stability and predictability, is an open door to dialogue with institutional stakeholders, in what is a fair trade between availability and openness.”

Romania is navigating difficult times – with growing unemployment and many jobs likely to be at risk, limited budget revenues & increased government spending.

These fiscal constraints are hampering support for individuals and businesses in the long term and have severely hurt the growth of the economy.

In our region, Romania is borrowing money at the highest interest rates, which makes all of us vulnerable to increased debt and with less money allocated for investments in infrastructure of all types.

Are there any solutions?