"Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) have been a key driver of the modernization of Romania’s economy in the last thirty years. Like many countries that did not experience market economy for a number of decades, Romania appealed to FDIs to help accelerate its transformation and pave the way for a steady convergence towards Western economies."

"For the last 30 years, foreign investors presents in Romania have proved material contribution to overall national economic growth by creating a significant number of jobs; bringing capital, know-how and technologies; creating opportunities for local companies and not least, promoting best practices to support reforms, strategies and corresponding policies to ensure that FDI is helping advance Romania."

“FDI is primarily a long-term strategy and commitment to the country. Being a significant catalyser to development, it plays a major role in improving the quality of life of the Romanian people. FDI translates directly into jobs for the Romanian citizens, major contributions to the state budget, exports and development of horizontal and vertical economy. The macroeconomic landscape of Romania gets more solid with every investment project that is brought in the country by foreign investors."

"During these times, Romania stands to benefit from all forms of investments, be they domestic, foreign or both at the same time. I believe that any direct contribution by investors, monetary and also technical expertise, can lead to a fast and sustainable recovery of the Romanian economy. In this context, the energy sector, and the gas sector in particular, can serve as a great vehicle for such investments, while also supporting Romania’s energy transition."

"FDI has a crucial role for long-term capital inflow, for introducing new technologies, managerial know-how and skills. International investments have a relevant positive impact on the country's economic growth and local communities and are key for an open economy. The FIC is an efficient organization for sharing ideas within the international business community, authorities, and for communicating the strengths of Romania to the larger international investment audience."

“Foreign investments have played a fundamental role in Romania's European destiny and in the transition to a sophisticated and developed economy, able to ensure the well-being of as many citizens as possible. Sodexo has been operating in Romania since 1998 and in all these years, we can say that these investments and businesses had an essential contribution to the modernization of the Romanian economy and its integration into the European one."

"Foreign investment is the engine of economic development and modernization, of increasing incomes and jobs, especially for emerging economies such as Romania. There is a direct correlation between the level of foreign direct investment and GDP, investments being the main factor stimulating economic growth."

“Companies should have in their DNA, along with maximizing profit, also serving community with technologies and products and, most of all, with the employment practices. It is crucial that we focus on investing in education of new generation of specialists in Romania. They are the fuel of the economic growth and will continue to bring value to our society in many ways. I believe in technology with a human touch.”

“Foreign investments are not just mere money. They come with know-how and expertise, with plans, strategies, in a single word, with development. They also come with something more, equally important: trust. Shifting focus from business to trust, what investors need, along with stability and predictability, is an open door to dialogue with institutional stakeholders, in what is a fair trade between availability and openness.”

Romania is navigating difficult times – with growing unemployment and many jobs likely to be at risk, limited budget revenues & increased government spending.

These fiscal constraints are hampering support for individuals and businesses in the long term and have severely hurt the growth of the economy.

In our region, Romania is borrowing money at the highest interest rates, which makes all of us vulnerable to increased debt and with less money allocated for investments in infrastructure of all types.

Are there any solutions?