Press Release

FIC launches today, March 11, 2021, the second edition of the project Leaders for Excellence in Healthcare

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) launches today, March 11, 2021, the second edition of the project Leaders for Excellence in Healthcare, dedicated to the medical personnel in management positions in public hospitals in Romania. The project is developed in partnership with the Ministry of Health and will take place online during the month of March.

"The Romanian medical system needs constant investments, both in infrastructure and in human resources, not only to ensure its sustainability but especially to be prepared for shocks and crises that can amplify weak structural points. Taking note of these fundamental elements and wanting to contribute to the reform of the Romanian healthcare system, FIC decided to continue the projects dedicated to doctors. Leaders for Excellence in Healthcare aims to improve the skills and knowledge of the doctors in leadership positions and to continue to adapt to the current realities and daily practices," stated FIC President Ramona Jurubita.

Since 2013, FIC has started programs dedicated to medical staff in partnership with the Ministry of Health, and in 2019 it implemented the pilot edition of the Leaders for Excellence in Healthcare project, which brought together 15 hospital managers who benefited from Leadership and Communication training courses.

The coordinator of the project, member of the FIC Board, Dana Constantinescu, pointed out that this year, in the context of the pandemic and of the urgent needs of the medical system, FIC added to the project two new modules - funding procedures and public procurement and funding sources for hospitals – and extend it also to a larger target group, with participants from hospitals across the country. On this occasion, FIC welcomes the opening and interest of hospitals in various counties to participate to these courses and dedicate time to training in areas important to the medical system.

The courses are possible with the support of partners who believed and joined the project since the first edition - Ministry of Health, University of Maastricht, Presidential Adviser in the Department of Public Health of the Presidential Administration, His Excellency, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bucharest. At the same time, this year the project was joined by the Ministry of Investment and European Projects, the National Agency for Public Procurement, the National Health Insurance House and the University of Sheffield Hallam.

The official opening of the project takes place in the presence of Minister of Healthcare, Vlad Voiculescu, Presidential Adviser, Loreta Păun, His Excellency, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bucharest, Roelof van Ees and will be conducted with the help of foreign and Romanian lecturers.

FIC believes that the quality of a medical system must be based primarily on human resources. Our society must constantly invest in this resource and therefore, as promoters of sustainable development and as partners of public authorities, FIC will continue to get involved in projects that support the key areas of Romania.