Press Release

The Foreign Investors Council supports the modernization of ANAF through the ongoing program with the World Bank

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) encourages and supports the modernization of ANAF, with the support of the World Bank, through the implementation of the Revenue Administration Modernization Project (RAMP).

Mr. Dragos Doros, the President of ANAF, announced a variety of measures intended generally to reduce the fiscal burden both at the level of individuals and businesses. These were also discussed during a roundtable with FIC members on 20 September. “ANAF is moving online” is the new motto ANAF embraces and expresses its ambition to transform itself into a modern and, as much as possible, digitalized institution. Public workers are encouraged to be more open to businesses, to communicate and guide them on fiscal matters. Cooperation should be the key characteristic of the relationship between authorities and tax payers.

Mr. Daniel Anghel – Vice President of FIC, underlined the constant request from firms towards ANAF to simplify procedures, especially when it comes to VAT and to make it easier to register, declare and pay VAT.  In addition, he encouraged ANAF to continue the close cooperation with businesses and to move towards a voluntary compliance regime. FIC member companies believe that reducing the burdensome compliance and instead use technology to communicate with tax payers can lead to increased competitiveness of Romania in the region and make the life of companies much easier.

Mr Richard Perrin, co-chair of the FIC task force on Taxation said that a better transparency from ANAF as regards the criteria used for performing the risk analysis process in the context of VAT registration/deregistration would be helpful for the businesses and would create a better understanding by the latter of the approach of the tax authorities. Such transparency may decrease the level of controversy between business environment and ANAF.

Mr. Ismail Radwan, World Bank Lead Public Sector Specialist congratulated ANAF management and staff for tackling the resistance to change and introducing a new customer oriented approach within ANAF. He urged ANAF management to continue making progress on procuring the IT capacity both in terms of hardware, software and employees that would be needed to support the new improvements.

In this context, FIC encourages ANAF to continue its modernization efforts and our members will continue to support this process which will be beneficial both for the Romanian state and for the business environment.