Daily Newsletter - 27 October 2021


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Analysts estimate 5.01% inflation rate and an over RON 5/EUR 1 exchange rate in the next 12 months
Analysts estimate a 5.01% inflation rate for the next 12 months and an exchange rate of RON 5.0547/EUR 1, according to a survey conducted by CFA Romania. CFA Romania Association’s Macroeconomic Confidence Indicator fell 16.4 points compared to the previous month, to 57.2 points (the indicator was up 22.9 points year-on-year). As to the exchange rate, the average value of anticipations for the six-month horizon is RON 4.9985/EUR 1, while the average value of the anticipated exchange rate for the 12-month horizon is RON 5.0547/EUR 1. Moreover, the lowest estimated value of the EUR/RON exchange rate for the 12-month horizon is 4.9400.
Romania recorded a budget deficit of 3.77% of GDP in the first nine months of 2021
The Ministry of Finance has transmitted that the execution of the consolidated general budget ended with a RON 44.29 billion deficit (3.77% of GDP) in the first nine months of 2021, lower than the RON 67.27 billion deficit (6.37% of GDP) recorded in the same period of 2020. Moreover, investment expenditures were RON 3.97 billion higher during the period January-September 2021 than in the similar interval of the previous year. Furthermore, exceptional payments generated by the COVID-19 epidemic stood at RON 10.64 billion lei. The revenues of the consolidated general budget amounted to RON 270.36 billion in the first nine months of 2021, up by 18.7% year-on-year.
The negative dynamics of global trade continued in August
The negative dynamics of global trade continued in August, according to the latest World Trade Monitor report, published by the Dutch institute CPB. Global trade momentum, defined as the dynamics of the trade volume over a three-month period compared to the previous three months, accelerated its decline to 0.9%, from 0.7% in the previous month, amid a 0.7% fall at the level of advanced economies and a 1.5% decrease at the level of emerging economies.
Net assets of investment funds grew by 3.2% in September, to RON 52.9 billion
The net assets of the 233 local and foreign open-end and closed-end funds on the Romanian market grew by 3.2% in September, to RON 52.9 billion (EUR 10.7 billion), and have increased by 19% since the beginning of the year, according to the Asset Managers Association. Net inflows totaled RON 68.4 million (EUR 13.8 million) in September. The five best performing local open-end funds have recorded net annual returns between 45.1% and 65.7% in the past 12 months, and maximum returns over a 36-month time horizon ranged from 64.2% to 69.5% (compared to September 2018).
Ten-year government bonds had a 4.95% reference rate on the secondary market
Ten-year government bonds had a 4.95% reference rate on the secondary market on Tuesday, 26 October, down from 4.97% the day before, having stayed below the 5% level reached in the previous week. The maximum level of the past month, of 5.12%, was recorded on 8 October, the rate having slightly decreased subsequently, according to NBR data. A number of 126 RON-denominated securities, worth RON 5.5 billion, and 4 euro-denominated securities, worth EUR 5 million, were traded on Monday, 25 October.
Fintech Dateio, together with UniCredit Bank, have launched the ShopSmart marketing platform
Dateio, a fintech established in Prague in 2014, has developed a marketing platform based on card transaction data that partner banks offer clients in their mobile banking application. The latest implementation of the platform has been carried out in cooperation with UniCredit Bank, under the ShopSmart program, according to the information transmitted by the company’s representatives.
Impact Developer&Contractor contracted a EUR 4 million loan to refinance its investments
Real estate developer Impact Developer&Contractor has contracted a EUR 4 million loan from Libra Bank to refinance its investments. The borrowed amount will be reimbursed on a quarterly basis, being due in October 2024. Impact has RON 1.1 billion capitalization and is nearly 60% controlled by Gheorghe Iaciu, while Adrian Andrici holds 15.9% of the shares. IMP shares have increased by 102.7% since the beginning of the year, amid RON 48.6 million transactions, which means that capitalization has more than doubled in this period, according to Bucharest Stock Exchange data.
McDonald’s to invest over EUR 2 million for the modernization and digitalization of local restaurants
Premier Restaurants Romania, the operator of McDonald’s restaurants chain in Romania, will invest over EUR 2 million by the end of 2021, for the remodeling and introduction of the Digital Experience of the Future system in several restaurants in the country. The company has already invested over EUR 1.2 million this year, in the modernization and digitalization of three restaurants in Bucharest and two others in Cluj-Napoca, and three more restaurants will benefit from the new digital system by the end of the year. The investments are part of the company’s development strategy to offer clients innovative facilities and access to the latest technologies.
Medicover is investing over EUR 5 million in four new imaging centers
Medicover is expanding by opening four new high-tech imaging centers in Bucharest, Iaşi, Constanţa and Craiova. The investment will facilitate patients’ access to advanced diagnostic technologies, essential for detecting serious diseases, but also for post-COVID-19 monitoring. The new Medicover imaging centers will be equipped with latest generation medical systems produced by GE Healthcare and will cover services such as computed tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance, angiography and conventional radiology. All computed tomography systems that Medicover imaging centers will use are equipped with software applications needed for lung examinations, in order to meet the new challenges posed by COVID-19 infections.
A draft law proposed by USR was not adopted by the Chamber of Deputies
The draft law proposed by Save Romania Union (USR), banning civil servants declared incompatible by the National Integrity Agency (ANI) from holding management and control positions in the public sector, a legislative proposal initiated by USR Senator Cosmis Poteraş, was not adopted during the Chamber of Deputies plenary session on Tuesday, 26 October. Using the "present, but not voting" option, the members of the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) and of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) reached an agreement and refused to vote on the legislative initiative.
European News 
Romania and Bulgaria have the lowest vaccination rates in the European Union
Romania and Bulgaria have the lowest vaccination rates in the European Union, and the epidemiological situation is getting out of control again. In the past few weeks, the number of coronavirus infections in Romania rose abruptly, and the death toll followed suit. Last week, Romania registered one of the highest death rates globally and applied for EU help to ease part of the strain on its embattled healthcare system.
Over one million people got vaccinated with the first dose during 20 September – 24 October
The coordinator of the national anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign, Valeriu Gheorghiţă stated on Tuesday, 26 October, that over one million people had got vaccinated with the first dose during the period 20 September – 24 October, pointing out that, if the current trend was maintained until the end of this year, Romania can reach an over 70% vaccination rate of the resident population aged over 12. Valeriu Gheorghiţă also stated that 80% of the over one million people who had got vaccinated in the past month were aged under 60.
CNCAV has announced that 792,000 doses of vaccine will arrive in Romania
The National Committee for the Coordination of Anti-Covid-19 Vaccination Activities (CNCAV) has announced that 792,000 doses of vaccine will arrive at "Cantacuzino" National Institute for Medical-Military Research and Development on Wednesday, 27 October. According to CNCAV, the transport is ensured by the manufacturing company, and the vaccine doses will be brought to Bucharest by land. Moreover, the doses will be stored at the National Storage Center, and will be distributed to the existing regional centers at national level in the following period.