Press Release

FIC thanks all the members involved in the fight against COVID-19 and believes that solidarity and communities can make a difference

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) thanks all its members who, either individually or through our organization, get involved and contribute to the fight against COVID-19 through the various measures adopted.

At the same time, through their actions, the FIC member companies have supported and continue to support the authorities in their efforts to provide solutions to this crisis, by paying contributions and taxes to the state budget in a timely manner, as they understood from the first days of the pandemic outbreak that, for an effective and large-scale fight against the virus, an exemplary and rapid mobilization of all the stakeholders of the Romanian society is needed - authorities, public institutions, employers, companies and non-governmental organizations.

In addition, for several weeks, the FIC worked continuously with its members to carry out a donation campaign, through which it managed to mobilize a significant amount of money so far, that will be allocated to combat COVID-19.

The donations raised by FIC will be used to support the Romanian medical system by purchasing intensive care equipment and protective equipment for medical staff, with the help of the Red Cross. The FIC members also became directly involved individually, through financial support or in-kind donations or through their own Social Responsibility departments.

Since the beginning of this period of crisis, FIC member companies have also taken measures to ensure the safety of their employees, of the general public and measures allowing them to continue their economic activity.

FIC encourages the best possible collaboration between all the stakeholders and, as always, considers it is important that everyone participates in solving the crisis. We believe that through dialogue, trust and solidarity we will be able to define together what our society will look like tomorrow.

We thank once again all those who mobilized during this period and we believe that together we are stronger.