The Foreign Investors Council

The Foreign Investors Council brings together over 130 multinational companies, covering a wide variety of goods and services. Companies join at the level of chief executives and chairmen, but FIC task forces could be joined by any representatives of the company, which provides the FIC with a broad base of experiences and specific knowledge.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is held once a year in May. At the General Assembly, Members elect the Board of Directors, approve the Board's raport of activity, the financial statements and the budget for the next term.

The Board

The Board elects the FIC Officers: the President, two vice-Presidents, and one Treasurer. The Board sets FIC's priorities and establishes specialised Task Forces to work on them. Decisions are taken by consensus.

Task Forces

Much of the work is done by the Task Forces. They are chaired by Board Members and comprise managers and experts from the FIC companies. The Task Forces take a leading role in the drafting of the FIC official position papers, and present them to the decision makers: Government, in-line Ministries, Parliament, Presidency.

Currently there are 9 task forces:

  • Communication Taskforce

    Chairpersons: Alexey Golovin, Veronica Savanciuc

  • Education & Human Capital Taskforce

    Chairpersons: Veronica Savanciuc, Catalina Dodu, Cristian Secosan, Ramona Jurubita

  • Energy Transition Taskforce

    Chairpersons: Eric Stab, Christina Verchere

  • Environment Taskforce

    Chairpersons: Mircea Moga, Paris Nikolopoulos, Ramona Jurubita,

  • Foreign Direct Investments Taskforce

    Chairpersons: Daniel Anghel, Francois Bloch

  • Sustainable Corporate Governance Taskforce

    Chairpersons: Ramona Jurubita, Christina Verchere, Alexandru Lupea, Alexey Golovin

  • Taxation Taskforce

    Chairpersons: Daniel Anghel, Dan Badin

  • Technology & Digitalization Taskforce

    Chairpersons: Liudmila Climoc, Catalina Dodu, Francois Bloch, Paris Nikolopoulos, Mircea Moga

  • Va Urma Taskforce

    Chairpersons: Ramona Jurubita , Eric Stab

The Permanent Bureau

The Permanent Bureau -- the Executive Director -- is in charge of the daily activities, acts as a contact point, provides editorial, administrative and logistic support and manages the relation with media.