FIC’s working group on attracting foreign investment, coordinated by Daniel Anghel and Francois Bloch, organized a debate with MP Sebastian Burduja on the measures and tools needed to achieve the objectives of attracting foreign investment in Romania.

FIC has initiated awareness campaigns on the importance of foreign investment in the past and two studies on the evolution and importance of foreign investment (in 2017 and 2019 respectively).

In the context of the data recently published by the National Trade Register regarding the performance of the share capital subscribed by foreign shareholders in Romanian companies, as well as the statistics on foreign direct investment published by the National Bank, FIC remains a reliable partner and will always provide support for designing strategic public policies with a structural approach which can add more value to the opportunities offered by foreign direct investment.

FIC members will continue their projects to highlight the importance of attracting foreign investment and the significant contribution to Romania's economic development. #Va Urma