The FIC's member companies believe that the dialogue between policy makers and the foreign investment community lies at the very heart of successfully improving the climate for investment while stimulating the development of the Romanian economy.

Senior people from member companies come together and dedicate their time, individually or by participating in the FIC's various task forces, where they debate, discuss and agree on common positions to be presented to the Romanian policy makers on issues important both for foreign and local investors. 

The FIC's main objective is to promote sustainable economic growth by improving Romania's investment landscape. The FIC's members strongly believe that the path to sustainable growth lies in public policies shaped through a transparent dialogue between the business community and the policy makers. The FIC is interested in a constructive dialogue and efficient and transparent consultations with the public authorities. This dialogue should concern issues of national relevance and of importance for the Romanian public and the business community alike and should be a bedrock for sustainable development. 

Through the years, the FIC members have shared their knowledge and expertise with the Romanian policy makers and are regularly consulted when legislation having an impact on the business climate is being enacted. The FIC is an independent organization with no political affiliation and it works together regularly with other business organizations, with representatives of international organizations and with the diplomatic establishment in Bucharest.

The key roles of Foreign Investors Council are:

  • To contribute

    positively to the improvement of the Romanian legal framework for commercial and tax matters;

  • To promote

    sound business ethics;

  • To project

    a good image of foreign investment and of business in general.