In a difficult economic context generated by developments in the energy market, inflation and geopolitical instability, the economic environment needs measures to support companies and private initiatives. The legislative proposal on the introduction of mandatory contributions for economic operators affects market principles, and restricts as well the principle of free association. The introduction of such a framework will result in affecting the competitiveness of Romanian companies, through a new tax burden, and also bureaucratic burden.

Measures to support the business environment are being considered at both European and national level in order for the companies to continue the activities, which ultimately contribute to the state budget and create jobs. Parliament, together with the Government, must encourage the development of the economy through measures that take into account the European directions of simplification and digitization of any administrative process and all the more to avoid duplication with already existing processes.

At the same time, it is necessary that the associative environment is not restricted by provisions that could create imbalances between the various associative forms. Competitiveness must be protected and stimulated by the added value and benefits that an organization brings to its members, and thus companies will voluntarily support the associative forms that is considered representative.