In recent years, the community of foreign investors has faced a public discourse suggesting that companies with foreign capital do not pay their taxes according to the law and they do not contribute properly to welfare development in Romania

It must be said from the beginning that the FIC does not speak on behalf of all companies with foreign capital in Romania but only for its member companies.

We do, however, consider that this public discourse cannot remain unanswered, so we have carried out an analysis among the FIC members and we asked them to give details of the total amount of all the taxes they pay to the state budget, the local budgets and the social insurance budgets.

The analysis was prepared by collecting data from 46 groups of companies (about 68 entities) registered with the National Trade Register.

We would have liked to analyze the entire business environment, that is, all Romanian companies, including those with foreign capital, in terms of the taxes they paid. Unfortunately, the data needed is not public, and it is owned by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration.

The data used for this analysis is for 2017 and was collected from the FIC member companies