In recent years, the business environment has faced various crises and has been in a permanent state of adaptability and identification of solutions for the challenges related to COVID, inflation, the energy market crisis and the price of utilities, geopolitical context, bottlenecks in the supply chain etc. These crises have further highlighted the structural problems Romania is facing, the underfunding of the education and health system, bureaucracy, lack of infrastructure, transparency and consistency in policy implementation.

Romania as part of the European Union aims to address these structural problems by undertaking a series of reforms in key areas (digitalization, transport, taxation, health, education, energy etc.) through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. At the same time, the country has committed to follow a roadmap for joining the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, aiming at implementing OECD best practices and standards. Fulfilling the reforms will mean not only attracting EU funds or joining the OECD but also the sustainable development of the Romanian economy and society.

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) is working with the authorities to help identify strategic directions for the economy, implement best measures for sustainable development based on European best practices and adapted to the national reality. Our members are constant dialog partners and contribute with recommendations on the various sectors outlined in this White Book (Energy, Taxation, Environmental Protection, Technology and Digitalization etc.) to reach the best solutions for the solid and sustainable recovery of the Romanian economy.